KSB-600M Manual Headlight Tester


▣ Accurate inspection for high beam and low beam of automobiles, independent testing

▣ Bright LCD screen, with professional Windows graphical operating system.

▣ "Arbitrary" 2D moving mechanism, multiple laser-assisted positioning system to ensure easy artificial lights physical center alignment operation.

▣ Standard RS232 communication port (optional) to computer, reliable network software.

▣ Blue-tooth wireless communication module, optional mini-printer a special design to convenient user’s operation

▣ Suitable for manual adjustment and inspection of automotive headlight height.

▣ Suitable for use in various vehicle detecting organizations, vehicle inspection stations, automobile industry, repair and maintenance garages.

▣ Optional rechargeable battery module, adapt to a variety of work environments.



1.Environmental Conditions:

       Temperature:  -5°C ~ 40°C

       Relative Humidity:  ≤90%

       Power supply:  AC220V ± 10%,50±1Hz

2.Measurement Range:

       Luminous Intensity: 0 ~ 120000cd

       Optical Axis Offset:

           High Beam: Vertical:  (Up)350mm/10m ~ (Down)525mm/10m

                 Horizontal: (Left)525mm/10m ~(Right)525mm/10m

           Low Beam: Vertical:  (Up)350mm/10m ~ (Down)525mm/10m

                 Horizontal:  (Left)525mm/10m ~(Right)525mm/10m

           Deviation Left and Right Beam: 3°

3.Indicating Value Error:

      Luminous Intensity:  ± 10%

      Optical Axis Offset:  ± 35mm/10m

4.Measuring Distance:  0.5m

5.Power Consumption:  15W

6.Weight:  40kg

7.Dimensions:  680mm (Length)×570mm(Width)×1580mm (Height)


      Carton 1:  750mm (Length)×560mm(Width)×460mm(Height)

      Carton 2:1610mm (Length)×370mm(Width)×240mm(Height)