Portable Wheel-load Tester

1  Production Setting

①   2 Piece of Weight meter

②   1 control panel

③   Accessories ( AC Charger/mini-printer/roller paper) 

2  Parameter

1)     Measure Range

①wheel:0~20T ②Axle:0~40T  ③total vehicle:0~1000T

2)     Service Temperature :-20-60℃,

3)     Service humidity:<90%RH

4)     Water-proof & anti dust Grade : ①Weight plate:IP67 ②Panel:IP65

3  Main features:

1)     Multiple working mode and printer mode.

2)     2 individual weight measurement plates for calibration independently, 10 points of correlation setting.

3)     Time display/ Ticket No. /Plate and Panel battery monitoring.

4)     Use of Zero floating technology avoid the Zero point setting(auto zero point setting).

5)     Digital display menu.

6)     Maximum to measure up to 10 axle in 1 vehicle.。

7)     Mini-printer is able to print: Print time/Date/Vehicle No./Ticket No./Axle load/ Wheel load/ total mass/ Over load value/Test company.

8)     RS-232 communication with PC

9)     High capacity battery equipped, with AC convertible charge.


1.  Wireless Portable Dynamic & Statics wheel load meter

        ModelBX1E3-40T (with control panel Communication port)   IP67

        Graduation Dynamics 0.03   Static 0.005

        Dimension of measure plate880*400*22.5(MM)

        Range 40Tons( 2 plates)

        Configuration2pieces of weight plate + 1 control panel 

portable wheel-load tester

2. Cable-connected portable dynamics & Statics load meter

     ModelBX1E4-40T (with control panel Communication port) IP67

     GraduationDynamics 0.03   Static 0.005

     Dimension of measure plate880*400*21(MM)


     Configuration 2 pieces of weight plate + 1 control panel (cable connection)

portable wheel-load tester