As a high-tech company in the inspection equipment industry, we provide not only machine bench,but also the vehicle inspection technology. We have our own technical team work in system control, product improvement and communication technology. As a matter of fact, we design and produce the sophisticated equipments for the special needs of market.

Selling point: We make continual investment vehicle inspection technology development, we propose to customers different kind of control systems. First launch in China,the compact test line KL-2000 with full inspection function, Industrial Embedded module: quick reaction, stable, maintenance free, Wireless PDA control technology, Muti-function analogue pointer display system with high precision sensor.

>2002   The only Chinese manufactory of Analogue Display System
>2003   Launch of KL-2000 Series Testing Line for car dealer 4S workshop
>2004   First Launch of fully Computer Control system for vehicle inspection line
>2006   Special design of Extra-heavy vehicle inspection line (20 tons of axle-load)
>2008   First launch of PDA wireless (WI-Fi) control for car testing line

Vehicle Inspection control system development of four forms:

>Digital Display: LED or electronic use of test results directly to the LCD display on the instrument,  simple and intuitive, is a widely used form of control.

>Computer control: an industrial control computer controls the test equipment is connected to the computer screen multi-function control interface, high automation, functional and domestic customers in recent years, the preferred control system.

>Function pointer instrument: use high-precision sensors and key components of the import motor to protect the multi-pointer to force changes in the dynamic display system, the process is accurate to judge the importance of brake system failure tool. European countries generally use the control and display the form.

>Pocket PC control: the Pocket PC or laptop via high-speed wireless network control equipment related to detection of line, control part of the wiring out of the traditional obstacles, enabling inspectors operating in the vehicle control system, is the latest generation of forms of control, is also the industry trends.